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Time: Little Bits Add Up

No one has enough time these day.  It must be true, everyone says it.  Yet oddly, some get a lot done and some get nothing done.  Still, every one of us has the same amount of time.  We have 24 hours today, and another 24 hours tomorrow, and on and on.

Most of us can handle the big blocks of time; it is the little blocks that often defeat us.

HourglassHourglass or sandglass. 2 pictures superimposed to get a certain move on time. I would like to know where it will be used. Please comment and/or rate it. It is still free to use! Larger one available on request.	  Objects / General

Consider:  the power of little bits of time. One grain of sand at a time, if you will.

If you invest just one hour a day for a year, you have 365 hours.  That is 9.125 forty-hour work weeks.  That is over two months of work weeks.  A normal 3 hour college credit course includes 3 hours of class time per week, and 3 hours of homework.  Yes, yes… I know, organic chem and others break the pattern, but you get the idea.  So 9 hours  of class work per week times 15 weeks is 135 hours of work to get one “A.” To get three “A’s” you need 405 hours. Your one hour a day for a year is just under 9  standard college credit hours.  A good student could make it happen. Nine credit hours is just under a “minor” in most colleges.

Now figure what bumping it to 10 hours a week would do.

Start thinking in terms of what you want to Master.  You have the time.


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