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The Power of One

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Have you ever run the bleachers?  Perhaps you were in a High School gym class.  Maybe you were older and working with a trainer to get back in shape.  It is a brutal exercise, but you can do it. Your legs and lungs will burn and you may have to slow down to a walk, but you can do it if you take one step at a time. 

Now try leaping 4 or 5 steps at a time.  Do I hear the sound of your head whuummphing into the steps? Likely.

 Now drop back and walk the bleachers three times a week for 2 or 3 months.  Then jog them a bit as you walk. Give that a month or three. Now begin to run them a few at a time.  Six months into your project you are charging up that row of steps like you were made for it.

 Guess what?  Now you can run the bleachers and sometimes leap a few steps at a time.  You are building power using the Power of One.

You are building the power of your body AND your will.

Find your bleachers, and use the Power of One. Take one step today and another one tomorrow.  Don’t try to charge up there today, but take that first step, and commit to the next one tomorrow.  When your buddy is giving up six days or six weeks into doing too much too soon, you will still be making progress with the Power of One.

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