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It all starts with courage.

 The Greeks and the Romans believed that courage was the King of all virtues, because it was the virtue that fortified and insured all the others.  Without the courage to act on your other virtues there is no virtue.

 This same principle applies to your Mission.  To discover or detect your mission you must have the courage to stand naked in the mirror and confront your life.  You must have the courage to see your mistakes. You must have the courage to confront who you are today, who you are now, in this moment.  You must confront the good and the bad, the strong habits and the weak.  You must see clearly both where you want to be and where you actually are. 

It is this unswerving courageous self-examination that will allow you to find and live your Mission.

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  1. farouk says

    that’s so true and well written
    thanks Wayne 🙂

  2. Wayne Key says

    Thanks farouk! I took most of the last year off to work on my book “On Mission” and a seminar series called Focus Management. But I find that I have really missed working on this site. It is good to be back! You are the first commentator on my new series of articles. Thanks!!

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