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Wayne is a serial entrepreneur with experiences in both the Highs and the Lows of the Austin economy. His background includes Real Estate brokerage, property management and investment; and, also building a million dollar (sales) company in residential remodeling.

 They say you can see a person’s true Mission by what they do with their spare time.

 In 1987 Wayne began training with Master John Blankenship, and by 2001 he was Master Blankenship’s fourth most senior student holding a Third Degree black belt in Grand Master Kim Pyung Soo’s Cha Yon Ryu system.

 Today, with degrees in Psychology and Philosophy and over with over 23 years of continuous martial arts training, Wayne specializes in Focus Management from the perspective of driving optimal personal and enterprise performance through greater awareness and focus. He is also finishing his book entitled On Mission: Living and Working your Mission in Challenging Times.