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I believe there is an “Internal Command to Rise” in all of us.  It is built into our bones.  It is the essence of our soul.  We have a single choice.  Live it or Ignore it.

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  1. ap says

    I’d like to exchange cards with you. I read your post on Josh Spaudling’s internet marketing blog. I’m looking for people to connect with and potentially hire. I’m in the process of developing a business networking organization and when I’m ready, I’ll be looking for a writer for article marketing, press releases, etc.

  2. another Wayne Key says

    I was just browsing and ran across your site. My name is Wayne Key and was wondering if we were related. I feel like I’m writing to myself.

  3. MIchelle Gatto says

    WONDERFUL web-site!!! I mean really really good. Can we get together next week?

  4. Chuck Thomas says

    Hey Wayne, It was nice seeing you again after all these years. Thanks for letting me know about and Juan Enriquez. I found one of his videos where he discussed the 2017 crossing point where the mandatory obligations of the federal government will exceed receipts. It is a minute of two into this video.